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About Us

When we set out to start Crystal Intention, we intended to make self-care simple, fun and convenient. What we’ve learned along the way is that Crystal Intention is about so much more than that.

We know that we all deserve self-care and that it’s worth prioritising, but still… it’s hard. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by life and society’s ‘always on’ mentality; if you’ve ever felt like you always put others before yourself; if you’ve ever felt like you just need to unplug and reset - we’re here for you.
We’re here for anyone and everyone who wants to add extra fun, happiness and self-love to their lives, while becoming a better version of yourself.
We’re a service for people who live a full, busy life but find that taking time for yourself is easier said than done. 
We believe in self-care routines, spiritual growth and products that work, are simple to use, and make you feel great. That feeling you get when your monthly box arrives-of excitement, of discovery, of: a few seconds just for me-that’s what Crystal Intention is about.