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The Crystal Intention Blog

  • How to Hold a Full Moon Ritual

    The full moon and the days surrounding it are a time to spur new intentions, release fears, and recharge your personal spiritual energy. Here are some wonderful ways to harness and activate full moon manifestation energy to make the most of this potent time of the month.

  • A Crystal Ritual That Will Amplify The Energy of Your Intentions

      From mobile phones to TV’s and radios, crystals are a huge part of pretty much any tech item in the modern world. Modern science also agrees on ...
  • 99 Simple Self-Care Ideas For A Happier You

      Do you sometimes forget to take care of yourself while making sure everyone else is happy? I know how easy it is to put off taking proper care o...
  • Everything You Need to Know About the Game-changing Monthly Self-Care Box

    Read more for your special promo code and check out everything you need to know about our game changing self-care box.